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# Registered member has authorized SANIYA MATRIMONY to Search, Counsel and Communicate the proposals and does not have any objection to sharing their profile through Online Portal, E-Mails, Whatsapp, and any other source until a suitable alliance is found / until validity is expired.

# SANIYA MATRIMONY don’t share your CONTACT details, unless the both the parties express interest in each other’s Profile.

# By the Payment of Registration fee you are eligible to receive profiles based upon the availability of profiles in the database. Member must understand we do not produce profiles and we cannot compel other side to accept the proposal but we can always counsel to the best of our capacity but also declares we have our own limitations. We declare very clearly matching an Alliance is the Most Difficult Job. SANIYA MATRIMONY assures its services / efforts to the member but never guarantee to match an Alliance. It can happen only with the mutual consent of both families and we are just a platform for this noble cause.

# Members shall be polite with the management, staff and while talking and meeting the other side of proposal during the course of search of alliance and any misbehavior shall lead to cancellation of Membership without refund.

# Member will cooperate and be patient until we find your preferred Bride or Groom which may take its own course of time and efforts. The more your expectations are from the other side difficult it will become to find your preferred match. A little compromise is always recommended / advisable while searching for an alliance and living a married life

# Service / Validity period will be provided according to the Registration Plan opted by the Member. Fee once paid is Non Refundable and Non Transferable.

# SANIYA MATRIMONY is not responsible for the verification of any Bride or Groom and member shall enquire on their own. Also we the management / staff make it very clear that we do not know any member personally.

# The information provided in profile or during conversation is as provided by the member and SANIYA MATRIMONY does not authenticate any information and shall not be held responsible both in this word and hereafter. You shall enquire by yourself before proceeding / finalizing the Proposal.

# The information and contact numbers of the members we share with you should be kept confidential and you shall not share with anyone else.

# SANIYA MATRIMONY is against Dowry System and shall never involve in such negotiations between families. If both families wants to give and take will be at their own responsibility and risks. Please do not ask or expect staff / management to negotiate on your behalf. Also it is a Crime as per the constitution of India

# If in case, Alliance is found by member through any other source, Member shall intimate us immediately so that Profile is deleted and is not shared with others.

# SANIYA MATRIMONY will not be involving during the meetings, we only assist you till you choose the Alliance is matched and won’t interfere in your personnel meeting between the families.

# Member confirms / agreed to all the Terms and Conditions of SANIYA MATRIMONY. Any dispute that may arise is restricted to the Jurisdiction of Khammam only.

# SANIYA MATRIMONY website is for the use of helping you find a spouse in Halal manner. Parents may create an account on behalf of their child with their consent and Girl/Boy may also create an account with their parents consent

# You commit to keep all information provided to you by other members of SANIYA MATRIMONY private and confidential and you will obtain the permission of the member who provided it to you prior to sharing it with a third party.


# SANIYA MATRIMONY will not refund any payment to any member for any reason whatsoever except in the case of error on SANIYA MATRIMONY online portal.

# SANIYA MATRIMONY will not refund any member who has decided that they no longer wish to use SANIYA MATRIMONY online portal. A refund cannot be given in part or whole for any subscription used or not used by any member for whatever reason. Users who wish to cancel their subscription are not permitted to seek a partial or full refund for any reason.

# SANIYA MATRIMONY is a service provider and makes NO GUARANTEE either on our web site or through our marketing that you will definitely find a spouse.

# SANIYA MATRIMONY matching algorithm has an accuracy rate of 75% though the personality matching and we explicitly say so. SANIYA MATRIMONY cannot be held responsible for the 25% of people whose profiles may not be accurate due to variances in their data. It is your responsibility to involve your families and do your necessary checks when searching of a spouse.


# You agree to indemnify SANIYA MATRIMONY, its staff and admin against any loss or damages, including without limitation reasonable legal fees, which we may suffer from your activities on or uses of the site, including without limitation any breach by you of this Agreement or any charges or complaints made by other parties against you.


# If SANIYA MATRIMONY deems it appropriate in its sole discretion, we may terminate or suspend any member’s account at any time, with or without notice, for any reason, including, without limitation, breach of this Agreement. Any fraudulent, illegal, suspicious, immoral activity or any other type of activity that would infringe upon another member’s right to enjoy using the site will result in the termination of your membership and the deletion of your profile


# From time to time due to technological factors, scheduled software uploads and other factors beyond our control, service may be temporarily interrupted. From time to time, certain features of the site may not be available. You agree to hold SANIYA MATRIMONY harmless against any such interruption of service.


# SANIYA MATRIMONY reserves the right and diligently exercises that right to delete any content violating content policy parameters outlined below. SANIYA MATRIMONY will delete any content including pictures, messages or profiles that is deemed in the sole discretion of SANIYA MATRIMONY to be illegal, immoral, offensive, or in violation of the letter and spirit of this agreement and purpose of the web site or any of its affiliates.


# Members may not include telephone numbers, e-mails addresses, and instant message details, mobile applications designed for communication or street addresses or any other form of personal details in their profile. Profiles that are registered with any of the above information will be subject to immediate deletion

# You agree to include Factual information about yourself which is a True and Accurate representation of yourself. You may not use fake pictures (actors, actresses, models or any person who is not the actual member) and any other misleading or untruthful personal information, such as misrepresented real age, location, country of residence, country of origin, religion, height, weight, and any other item of personal description can result in a permanent ban without refund.


# This Matrimony is not responsible for any disputes between you and other members of the web site as it’s depend on your own risk. You agree and undertake that your interaction with the other members is at your own sole description and responsibility, and that SANIYA MATRIMONY shall not liable for conforming the veracity of the content of the other member.


# You grant SANIYA MATRIMONY the right in its sole discretion to edit, modify, delete any of the information that you have submitted in your profile if it fails to meet our aforementioned criteria. This includes text, photographs, pictures and any and all other information submitted with your profile at time of activation or at any subsequent time.


# SANIYA MATRIMONY may periodically modify this agreement. It is your sole responsibility to review this agreement at least on a monthly basis to determine if any of the modifications are unacceptable to you. If any subsequent modifications are deemed unacceptable, you must immediately discontinue use of this web site. Your login subsequent to reviewing any modifications constitutes a binding acceptance by you of any and all modifications to the Agreement.

# SANIYA MATRIMONY website is used at your own risk. We accept no liability for any loss or damage to your hardware and/or software resulting from your access and/ or uses of the website.

# Your statutory rights are not affected at all by these terms and conditions.


# All rights are reserved with SANIYA MATRIMONY. Any use of materials on this website without prior written permission of SANIYA MATRIMONY is strictly prohibited.



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